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Featuring the Reimo Variotech 3000 sliding bed. Campervan with Luxury Sleeping

Reimo Variotech 3000 -Premium Living and Loading Space

Reimo innovation at its best. When it comes to developing products with safety and usability Reimo have it all. German thinking and quality has given us something so exciting we have put it in our newly updated camper.

Many campervans only have either a fixed rear seat or one with a small adjustable slide. The problem here is that you can never use the campervan for transporting large items and loads using the rear door. You’ll always have to use the side door. The solution is our Reimo rear sliding seat system that slides the full length of the camper meaning the 3 rear passengers can sit comfortably directly behind the driver if required when on a journey. This leaves a massive load area in the rear to carry everything you need, including bicycles safely and out of the way of the passenger. Then when you arrive at your destination – simply offload the gear and slide the seat to its fully rear position to give you a spacious living area.

Another benefit of the full sliding seat is that when eating as a family of 4, just simply slide the seat to its front position, swivel the driver & passenger seats round and you have the perfect social seating position for a meal for 4 or playing your favourite board game. A special feature we have designed is the under seat storage. This slides with the seat and has a front and rear hinged door allowing you to load long items such as ladders, skis or fishing rods straight through without having to lay the seats down.

The Variotech sliding seat system is a clear winner for numerous reasons and will transform your campervan making it more versatile in everyday use.

The seat can also be removed completely for those occasions when you wish your campervan was more van than camper!

When it comes to safety there is no compromise and the Variotech seat leads the way where many other seats on the market today fall short! The seat has been through in-chassis testing and complies to the latest European standards. The variotech is one of the only seats on the market which offers 3 seats with integral 3-point belts.

Options for Fixing

Mechanical fixing – this allows for one crash tested driving position which is similar to the Kombi, The seat position can be changed easily anywhere up and down the rails when not in transit
Bonded system – this allows the seat to have many crash tested driving positions up and down the rails. In addition you are also able to add two additional seats making this up to an eight seater depending on your front seat choice!

Width variations
The versatility doesn’t end there. We can supply these in three different widths
• 1155mm
• 1205mm
• 1380mm
• Length of bed 200cm that’s a full 6ft 7in!

This makes it one of the longest and most comfortable Campervan beds in our experience.

Don’t forget all our furniture is hand made here from scratch – we can literally fit round your every need!

The photographs reveal our New Prestige Kitchen, featuring Black American Walnut worktops.  All hand finished.  The bed is a RIB 1205.  Call or complete the contact form for a quote and all the options available.

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